Jazz Master mod

Fender Japan Jm-66B (2013)


The photo on the left is the original saddle, right is the saddle made by Retro Tone Pickups.

Since the groove of the string was cut deeply, there was no worry that the string would fall during playing.

Moreover, the material is made of brass, and the separation feeling of the tone of each string is improved.

Adjusting the height of the saddle The grounding part of the screw is cone type and the extrusion of the middle low range is improved remarkably.

Those who are planning customization of Jazzmaster are encouraged to start from here first.


This is a bush that suppresses the rattling of the movement of the hole of the body and the bridge post called "Bridge Fixing Bush".

Suspended variant was eliminated, feeling that the attack was emphasized.

Impression that Sustain was close to Telecaster and Stratocaster.


Fret is made of stainless steel, the thickness is about 2 mm and the height is about 1.3 mm.

We exchanged for bargaining at a cheap price, but when I choked, the sound was clogged up and I felt sick, I readjusted immediately.

Cheap repair is acceptable ...


Rear PU

Seymour Duncan

SJM-3 Quarter Pound

Sound of distortion when playing violently with rear pickup only,

And stickiness and power feeling,

And I like to be a well-balanced mix sound no matter what kind of pickup I pick for the front pickup.

Front PU

RetroTone Pickups Rewind PU

It is one that I had the image of PU of the American standard Stratocaster made in Fender USA in 1985 and rewound.

The power feeling and speed feeling when extruding the warmth of the mid range low frequency range and playing and playing it is very good.

Machine Head

The machine head is replaced with a lock type of GOTOH's SD91-MG made in Japan.

The stability of tuning is not normal as much as normal.

The string guide of the 3/4 string added is a nice feeling as the tension becomes stronger.


The photograph is normal wiring material.

Because it does not rely on a bit, I changed the wiring as well as the volume pod and the condenser in total.

First I tried to replace the internal wiring wire with Belden 8523 (20 AWG), but as the treble was so strong that the treble was too strong,

I replaced it further to STEWART-MAC USA cross wire (22 AWG).

A surprisingly high tone was familiar with the guitar, the tone calmed down with the middle bass.

The condenser was exchanged for Orange Drop's 715 P 0.022 600 V. The condenser is a relatively cheap part, but the information is too informative as to how the tone changes.

Personal opinion after exchanging, but it changes mildly but there is not much habit, feeling that when you narrowed down the tone, it gets too much to go far behind ...

Is this also a curve (A / B) relationship? (Currently 500 Ω B)



The photo above is a normal pick guard, but later replaced with anodized pig pickguard. The tone may be a little mild.


Joint Plate

Brass joint plate which is chrome finish "Tone Shift Plate".

I thought that the sense of attack of the sound I thought was emphasized.